Nestled in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains off the Malibu Coast, you will find the stunning hilltop escape that is Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyard.

Though it’s only short, coastal drive from the extremely populated Los Angeles area, the Tuscan-inspired villa and winery showcases 360 degree views over the expansive 37-acre estate making it one of the most unique and geographically beautiful places in the world. 

Malibu Rocky Oaks aerial view

The award-winning Malibu winery’s Owner and CEO, Howard Leight, describes the estate as a a destination venue that is visited by world travelers and local dignitaries alike with it’s European-style meets Napa Valley atmosphere. 

Wine is the international currency for connections.” – Howard Leight, CEO/Owner 

Malibu Rocky Oaks

Founded and family owned since 2003, the vineyard location has quickly become one of the most recognized and celebrated in the region highlighting it’s elite, private estate with infinity pool, helicopter pad, and incredible balcony views of the Santa Monica Mountain Valley.

With the desirable, Mediterranean microclimate in the area, Malibu Rocky Oaks has the ideal growing and ripening conditions for their many array of vines including their popular Cabernet Franc and Sparkling Rosé. What also makes the Los Angeles Winery stand out is their commitment to sustainability such as using only organic JMS Stylet Oil for vineyard spray maintenance, avoiding herbicides, and not allowing any runoff to the streams or to neighboring streets to keep the beautiful mountain area as beautiful as when they first arrived.

Howard Leight, CEO/Owner of Malibu Rocky Oaks

Just a quick afternoon drive from our other partnered locations like Nobu Malibu and Little Beach House Malibu, the luxury vineyard location hosts many exclusive events, weddings and overnight stays and has been a trusted collaborator with O’Gara Coach for many years. 

As Malibu Rocky Oaks continues to stay open during COVID-19 as an essential business, Howard Leight states, “We are happy to support our community by offering fine wine hoping to bring some joy in a time of crisis. I have always considered the business at Malibu Rocky Oaks as modern and innovative – we will find the answers to the new normal.”

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