Luxury Living Group has introduced an astonishingly beautiful, crystal-enhanced furniture collection with the established Baccarat La Maison brand. 

The French-Italian collaboration brings Baccarat art de vivre into the home highlighting impeccable crystal details embedded in every curated art piece. Combining strong traditions of design and craftsmanship from both elite houses, the collection is produced in Italy and distributed worldwide by Luxury Living Group while Baccarat’s artisans designed the crystal that has been crafted for generations by French designers. 

Here are some of our favorite items from the stunning, new collection:


Baccarat architect, Arik Levy, designed the overhanging light fixture with a dreamy transparency paying homage to the Baccarat crystal tradition. Geometric shapes give off a range of light with the octagonal Rouge or Clear colour crystals in a two-tiered, chandelier-like fixture. 


Carved from the precious polished wood of the Red American Elm or Ebony Wayan, this grand, wide-set silhouette gives an elegant lightness to a room. Baccarat crystal tiles adorn the table edges elevating the functional piece. 


This octagonal creation gives credit to a Baccarat crystal’s prism shaped wrapped in a velvety maroon casing, alluding a magnificent statement to any room. 


Quite possibly the most astounding of the collection, the Grand Soirée designed by Baccarat La Maison overlaps an array of glittery crystals showcasing glamour and sophistication. Designed to mirror the brand’s astonishing goblets, martini glasses, and champagne flutes, this piece is truly a masterpiece of the collaboration. 


The new Atlas lady desk is embellished with four Baccarat gems in the front-facing drawer, two microfibre drawers lacquered or covered in intricate Ebony Wayan, Rosewood or Red American Elm, and a reclining mirror decorated with hand-made Torsade crystal. A polished, chrome frame with laser-engraved Baccarat La Maison logo is incorporated making it an ultra-luxe design. 


Another edition to the Phébé line, these decadent floor lamps feature 187 and 153 Piccadilly crystal tuiles that dangle delicately from top to bottom. An octagonal rouge gem, indicative to the Baccarat  brand, sits atop frosted and extra-clear glass.

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