Design. Style. Opulence. 

This is what defines O’Gara Coach as luxury automotive empire as well as the partners that we welcome into it. 

Our long time partner, Luxury Living Group, develops, produces and distributes high quality, Italian-style furniture collections for iconic international brands like FENDI and Baccarat La Maison as well as our Bentley and Bugatti locations within O’Gara Coach. 

Headquartered in a magnificent 17th-century Baroque building in the heart of Forlì, Italy, Luxury Living Group begins a true Italian journey through the creation of furniture and accessories through excellent workmanship, experimentation, innovation, and a variety of finishes and materials for infinite possibilities for their goods. 

Director of US Marketing & Public Relations for the Luxury Living Group, Marissa Cornejo, mentions our partnership, “Luxury Living has partnered with O’Gara for many years on new vehicle launches as well as cross promoting our collections to our shared clientele.” The established furniture company recently collaborated with Bentley Beverly Hills in creating a innovative and high-end style lounge area at our dealership, bringing the Bentley Home lifestyle directly to our clients. 

Since both companies incorporate constant interaction with clients and top-tiered brands on the international level, we asked Cornejo her thoughts on the new normal of social distancing. “As a company, we have learned to adapt the way we live and work, both from a professional and personal perspective,” she stated, “For example, we have curated our newsletters to share content that is inspiring, allowing our minds to travel. As a community, we have grown to support one another during this crisis and understand the value of being at home.”

The Luxury Living Group Director explains that “being home” has now taken on a whole new meaning and their teams have continued to support the network of designers, architects, and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cornejo adds, “Luxury Living prides itself in helping our client’s home dreams come true. Now more than ever.

To learn more about Luxury Living or schedule an appointment at their West Hollywood Showroom, visit