In 1995, under the guidance of Lanzante Motorsport, the McLaren F1 secured an overall victory at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the incredible achievement, McLaren has launched a special version of its 720S supercar. Appropriately named the 720S Le Mans, the car will be available in one of two colors (McLaren Orange or Sarthe Gray) with just 50 examples built worldwide.

Special touches include a roof scoop, front fenders louvers, polycarbonate rear windshield, gold-colored brake calipers, and custom 5-spoke wheels with a retro pattern that matches the design used on the race-winning F1 GTR. There are also several “McLaren 25 Anniversary Le Mans” logos accenting the car.

The homage to the famous race doesn’t stop with the aesthetics. The VIN of each 720S Le Mans will begin with a 298, in recognition of the number of laps completed by the race-winning F1 GTR.

For the interior, clients can choose between McLaren Orange or Dove Gray for the standard Alcantara trim. Also included are carbon fiber bucket seats and a smaller touches like the 12 o’clock steering wheel marker that matches the interior accent color. To give you clients the true motorsport feel, McLaren also offers a titanium harness bar and 6-point harnesses, as well as carbon fiber replacements for the air vents, shifter paddles, and door sill trim.

The Le Mans edition is purely cosmetic as there have be no changes made to the 710HP engine that can propel drivers to 60MPH in under 3 seconds.

Pricing for the United States haven’t been announced yet but deliveries are expected this fall.