Back in June Lamborghini premiered three new paint colors for their best selling Urus SUV. To celebrate this, Lamborghini created a Hollywood style chase scene between two Urus’s sporting the new colors. Lamborghini describes the new Pearl Capsule as…

Inimitable style and exhilarating performance come together with the assertive two-tone exterior embracing Lamborghini’s traditional high-gloss four-layer pearl colors of Giallo Inti, Arancio Borealis and Verde Mantis in combination with high gloss black roof, rear diffuser, spoiler lip and other details. The sporty matt gray tailpipes are complemented by 23” high-gloss black rims with body color accent. The interior trim is based on a unique two-tone color combination, featuring the hexagon-shaped upholstery stitching Q-Citura with logo embroidery on the seat, plus carbon fiber and black anodized aluminum details. Available exclusively on the Pearl Capsule, the optional fully-electric seat features airy perforated Alcantara for exceptional comfort.

For more information on the Urus or the new Pearl Capsule, CLICK HERE.

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