The Urus Super SUV and Aaron Durogati are about to embark on a unique challenge together. The concept behind the Urus Super SUV, #UnlockAnyRoad, comes together with the multidisciplinary expertise of two-time world paragliding champion, Aaron Durogati, at the upcoming challenging RedBull X-Alps race.

On June 20 Aaron Durogati, 36 years old from Merano, Italy, will start the RedBull X-Alps event, one of the toughest and most adventurous races in the world. The thirty-three selected athletes participating in this edition will compete by ‘hike and fly’ only, to cover the 1238km Alpine course in the fastest time possible. The race will take place daily between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. until the last athlete completes the route, passing through twelve mandatory checkpoints across Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy, then back to Austria.

Due to its high load capacity and its ability to travel over a wide range of terrains at any pace, the Urus will act as the athlete’s personal support vehicle during the competition, allowing his support team to follow him throughout the race: a race that only the most skilled and strongest athletes can tackle. Thanks to its versatility, sportiness, reliability and off-road capabilities, the Lamborghini Urus has already supported Aaron Durogati during his preparations for the race.

Aaron Durogati has opened new lines of steep skiing and speed-riding in the Alps and Georgia and is committed to taking his skills to the most remote areas of the planet. Aaron’s greatest talent, and common ground with the philosophy of the Urus, is versatility: he combines his technical skills in the air with super endurance and extreme skiing skills to achieve goals no one else has ever dreamed of.