Although we are living in such uncertain times, Lamborghini Beverly Hills is still here willing and able to assist you in any way possible.

As instructed, we must stay home for our overall health and safety during this pandemic. By doing so, we would like to offer you a few practical tips to maintain the performance and look of your vehicle.

  • Fill your fuel tank with premium gas and add fuel stabilizer (prevents fuel deterioration). A major problem with leaving a vehicle unused or unattended is rusting the inside of the fuel tank. By topping off the tank there is less room for air, which carries moisture, to contaminate the fuel and prevent it from rusting. 
  • Use trickle charger to prevent the battery from draining.
  • Inflate tires to recommended psi or increase by 5psi if vehicle will be stored for a long period of time. Vehicles left stationary for long periods of time with improper psi can create flat spots or cracking of the sidewalls due to the weight of the vehicle pressing down on the tire. 
  • Start your engine occasionally. This will help the engine oil circulate and keep components adequately lubricated. 
  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly inside and out. A step that should not be overlooked. A dirty vehicle can lead to unwanted scratch marks when putting on or removing a car cover. If stored in the garage, ensure no trash or crumbs are left inside the vehicle as that can attract rodents. 

With our #StayAtHome campaign, we have reached out to one of our preferred clients, Daniel Rice, in efforts to see what practical tips he has put into use and his insight/feelings on current matters.

Many might ask the question how owning a Lamborghini can be impractical for daily use but Daniel believes the contrary. With any outing or essential run it is instantly uplifting and the highlight of his day. With an exotic car such as this, it fuels one to enjoy the drive by taking detours to enjoy one last song or to simply hear the backfire of a downshift. To many, like Daniel, a drive serves as an escape to keep oneself sane. Unfortunately with the given circumstances out of our control, the privileges of being outdoors have become limited. This makes us miss the dreadful long commutes, the late night strolls, the air brushing up against our faces. But, keeping a positive mindset there are other means of vehicle appreciation. Daniel has fully utilized mobile car washes that are owned by his peers who keep his Performante looking, “clean and as-menacing as ever”. Being a proud owner of your car always brings a sense of satisfaction and happiness to step back and just see the shine and how beautiful it sits.

Keeping in mind social distancing, although disappointing yet necessary, we were forced to cancel our track day. Being a part of the O’Gara family, we love to host track days to give you an opportunity to put your vehicle to the test and push it to its limits. Rallying out to Palm Springs, wine and dining with our team, and the main event of enjoy The Thermal Club all to yourselves is a whole catered experience which Daniel describes to be an opportunity he does not like to miss. For those in the O’Gara family who haven’t met Daniel Rice at the track yet, please join him and other O’Gara track clients on their own Assetto Corsa Competizione server (search: ENJOY UPSIDE PTE)! 

Finally, with the orders to stay in the luxury of our own homes, it can get lonely especially if you’re not with family. Daniel unfortunately is away from his mom and misses her dearly. He states that once this is all over, he will fire up his Performante and head straight to his moms house to spend some quality time and enjoy her famous Spicy Sichuan Beef Noodles!

Many of us, like Daniel, miss the many things we took for granted that we had so accessible to us like simply going outside. To be able to have that again, we need to understand and not underestimate this pandemic and stay home for the safety of others and yourself.

Please join us and encourage others to follow our campaign to #StayAtHome!

Please also reach out to our O’Gara Coach Service Center, at 888.701.6171, in the given case you require our services for any of your vehicle’s needs.

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