The day has finally come for Automobili Lamborghini to debut their well-awaited track car, the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. Featuring the most powerful, natural aspirated V12 engine the Italian brand has ever built, it was also engineered with superior aerodynamics to ensure higher downforce levels than a GT3 car

This limited-edition, track-only hypercar stems from the design and lineage of the Miura Jota and Diablo GTR. With a value of 2,756 pounds at 155 miles per hour, the Essenza SCV12 was created for exclusive track use with aerodynamics inspired by racing prototypes. The V12 engine is able to deliver over 830 horsepower with a significant power uplift from a ram effect at high speeds.

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 front shot

CEO and Chairman of Automobili Lamborghini, Stefano Domenicali, said in a statement, ““The Essenza SCV12 represents the purest track driving experience that our brand can offer, an engineering feat that highlights the inextricable link between our cars and the asphalt of the track.”

The new hypercar features an exceptional power-to-weight ratio of 1.66 hp per kilogram coming from a new X-trac sequential six-speed gearbox and new-generation carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Despite the absence of an internal rollcage, the model is the first GT car developed in accordance with FIA prototype safety rules, a testament to the carbon fiber chassis’ inherent strength.

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Carbon Fiber Close Up

Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini mentions, “It is a project in which we combined the pursuit of engineering perfection with refined aerodynamics, futuristic design, and innovative solutions such as the carbon monocoque without internal rollcage.”

Along with the exciting new track model, the Essenza SCV12 was announced from Lamborghini to be a part of an exclusive club giving clients access to special racing programs, prestigious circuits and tracks, high-level assistance by Squadra Corse technical staff, and more. The program also includes storage service in a new hangar built in Sant’Agata Bolognese Headquarters where each limited-edition vehicle will have a personalized garage and resources to monitor their cars 24 hours a day using an app.

Giorgio Sanna, Head of Lamborghini Motorsport, said: “With Essenza SCV12 we wanted to elevate not only performance and driving pleasure but also the experience off the track, “Giorgio Sanna, Head of Lamborghini Motorsport. “Customers can take advantage of exclusive and highly customizable services to fully experience the best of Italian hospitality and become part of the Lamborghini Squadra Corse family.”

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