April 2018 Ital Technologies collaborated with Automobili Lamborghini to launch E-Bikes at its Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The result of over five years of research the bikes are masterpieces of advanced technology truly in keeping with the Lamborghini DNA. These bikes are now available in North America in an updated specification.

Instantly recognizable as unique and true to the Lamborghini lifestyle in terms of design and performance, it is the experience delivered to the rider that makes this bike revolutionary.

For the person that wants the latest in technology the Lamborghini bike does not disappoint.

With no preconceived ideas of what constitutes an E-bike or for that matter even a bicycle, the Lamborghini E-bike was designed from the ground up as an E-bike. A truly groundbreaking design has been achieved. The heart of the bike is the integration of a 48-volt high efficiency electric motor with a patented electronically shifted 8 speed gearbox similar to that of a Formula one racecar. This creates a clean and mechanical efficient design that rides like no other bike in the world. Patented torque sensor technology is used to regulate the 500-watt motor creating a smooth and controllable delivery of power.

Combining the electric assistance motor and the gearbox together puts the majority of mass as low as possible and centered between the wheels. This gives the bike an incredibly stable feel, pure joy for the rider.

Electrical power is supplied by a 503wh battery using lithium ion cells. The battery is seamlessly designed into the frame for a clean aesthetic yet easily removable for charging.

Two models are available, the Crosser, for off road, and the Sporter which is at home in the urban environment. As a byproduct of eliminating the rear derailleur, sprockets and chain not only the front, but the rear wheel as well is quickly replaceable allowing the rider to reconfigure the bike with optional wheel and tire combinations depending on terrain. In a few seconds the bike can be changed from Mountain bike, to gravel bike, to urban bike depending on what the rider has planned for the day.

Unique security features have been introduced as well. Similar to a smartphone a PIN must be inputed to the display in order to switch the transmission out of neutral to begin riding. Also, a physical key allows the rear wheel to be mechanically locked further mobilizing the bike. This same key is needed to remove the battery which is cleverly designed into the hydroformed aluminum frame.

A 3.5-inch Display provides data to the rider. Average speed, maximum speed, battery life, assist mode and gear position. In typically Lamborghini fashion the data is for the benefit of the user. Constantly shown on the display is the amount of power instantaneously being consumed by the 500-watt motor. With this information a skilled rider can adjust “Learn” his style to achieve the maximum range from the battery. Depending on terrain, 60 miles from a single charge is obtainable.

The bike’s controls are intuitive. On the right handlebar are the upshift and downshift buttons. Mounted on the left handlebar are a second set of whether proof buttons to select from 4 levels of assist, and to scroll through the various menus of the display.

Hydraulic brakes use a 205mm front rotor and 185 rear to provide effortless and ultra-controllable deceleration, a necessity for a bike with the speed and acceleration of

100 examples have been recently updated to take advantage of North American regulations for E-bikes. The NA spec bike uses a 500-watt motor, double the power of the European bike, and has a maximum assisted speed increased to 20 MPH. These are the maximum legal limits in order to maintain class one E-bike status. A class one bike can be ridden without a license and anywhere a conventional bicycle can be ridden.

If owning one of only 100 Bikes isn’t special enough, as with any Lamborghini, clients can take advantage of the Ad Personam program. Unique paint schemes are available as well as upgrades to the braking system, wheels, tires and any other component of the bicycle.