Innovation. Something Lamborghini has been at the forefront of for years. However this was specific to the cars they build and the way they build them. During this pandemic, car manufactures have had to get creative with how they interact with clients. The issue faced, especially when launching a new car, is what else can be provided besides standard photo and video assets. Lamborghini found and answer for that.

Created back in the 90’s, augmented reality is a way to either immerse yourself in a virtual environment or in this case, put something virtual in your environment. What Lamborghini has done is launched a site that allows users to virtually place the new RWD Spyder where ever they like. If you want to see how the new topless supercar looks in your driveway, sidewalk, living room, now you can. Once the car is placed in the spot, you can then walk around the car and even look inside. This kind of innovation will likely be used going forward for all models as a new way to interact with cars virtually.

Using your phone or tablet, take a photo of the QR code above to visit the Augmented Reality site, or go to From there enjoy your virtual walk around of the brand new Huracan RWD Spyder.