Residing within the desert valley of Joshua Tree, California is an architectural wonder we haven’t seen anywhere else.  


The Joshua Tree Invisible House is a 5,500-square-foot building spanning over 90 acres, wrapped in a mirrored façade reflecting the surrounding scenic desert landscape.  Seeming to almost disappear amongst the rolling sand hills and rocky terrain, the elongated, rectangular structure is an upscale wonder within the middle of the desert. 

Designed by Hollywood film producer, Chris Hanley, alongside local California architect, Tomas Osinski, the smart house was created to highlight wrap-around views of the 90-acre property while keeping an ultra-private atmosphere. The details are minimalist, with light furniture and décor typical for desert-esque living spaces.  

It elevates both design and sustainability with LEED and EPD certified elements of the house. Solar thermal panels power the hot water and electric and solarcool glass exteriors with refractive light filtering.  

Futuristic yet simple, the architecture stands out brilliantly among the 100 acres of surrounding Nature Reserve, rock formations, and mountain ranges. The designers made a focus to preserve and protect the land, leaving minimal impact and ensuring the desert wildlife remains a natural habitat to the Joshua Tree wildlife. The architecture has been mentioned to looks like a NYC skyscraper tipped over on its side, beautifully surrounded by the contrasting sand and rocky elements. 


As expected for the intricate structure, the interior is just as aesthetically pleasing as the exterior. Inside you can find an impressive 100-foot-long indoor, oxygen filter, non-chemical pool with changeable-color lighting next to a white wall guests often use to screen movies. The space also includes a luxury Boffi kitchen, 4 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms that can be converted from master bedrooms to meetings spaces. Sliding floor-to-ceiling doors open up the stark and stiff interior to the warming, desert oasis outside.  


This design art piece can be rented by the hour, accommodating anything from private events, commercials, weddings, yoga retreats, and more. Serving as a shooting location for photos and video shoots is the most popular use as it brings a futuristic and luxury element to high-level content as well as highlighting the rustic, desert environment.  

To learn more about The Joshua Tree Invisible House, please click here.