Renowned architect Frank Ghery’s mastery of form is still on full display despite scaling down his work for a collaboration with Hennesy XO Cognac. Ghery put together this effort in celebration of the brand’s 150th anniversary. The approach to body and ornamentation that Ghery has displayed in his previous works like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles is echoed in this work.  

The underlying body of the bottle provides an initial structure for the wildly flowing lines that bring it to life. The decanter seems to be flowing in place, like a ball of liquid suspended in the air, an effect only aided by the glinting gold finish. Even Ghery’s process sketches reveal a lively movement that calls to mind the pattern that light makes as it dances across the bottom of a pool. 

Ghery also took inspiration from his partner in the collaboration, visiting Hennesy’s facilities in Cognac. There, he was able to see the amount of care that goes into producing each bottle throughout the entire process. Additionally, he drew from the beauty of the region and its history. 

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