Today is a very special day for our friend and resident O’Gara DJ, GRLSKOUT. Performing at almost every O’Gara Beverly Hill event over the last 2 years, Marta aka GRLSKOUT has become an honorary member of the O’Gara Team. We’re excited to share her brand new single, and help you get to know the incredibly talented producer.

Born in Warsaw, Poland but raised in Canada, Marta grew up playing & listening to many genres of music. Doubling as both a DJ & Producer, Marta dedicates her time between the studio and DJing top venues and high profile events. 

Over the last 10 years, through consistency and tenacity, Marta has built a widely respected following in Southern California and has solidified her position as a leader among today’s female Music Producers & DJ’s. Marta has had the opportunity to play Fashion Week in Paris, New York & LA, festivals including Coachella & Beyond Wonderland and holds down residencies at some of the top leading clubs worldwide. 

Over the years, Marta has entertained a wide variety of high profile clients, including Academy Award winning actors, world famous singers & musicians, and internationally recognized professional athletes. Her clientele also includes Hollywood socialites such as David Beckham, Neve Campbell, Justin Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, The Kardashians, Sylvester Stallone, Kaia Gerber, and many others.

When Marta isn’t traveling around the world DJing & amplifying crowds, she is either in the studio writing or producing records. 

We recently sat down with the talented producer to learn more about her musical background, what drives her, and what comes next.

When did you get started in music? 

I’ve always had such a strong love for music since I was little. I started playing in a Canadian band at the age of 19 and my guitar player was a DJ so I had him teach me. 

What inspires you?

I love being outside in nature & by the water. Growing up in Canada I was spoiled with the outdoors. Im also a morning person and wake up at 5am because for some reason I love how still it is at that time. Mornings are the my most creative time of the day for me. 

How did you meet Gloria Kim

We actually met while I was involved in another project and instantly hit it off. I asked her to be a part of this record a year ago and I honestly feel like she is what makes the song so special. Gloria is such an amazing human being and I’m so honored to call her a close friend. I’m blessed to have such an amazing working relationship with her. In this industry it can be super tough sometimes to find people who you just vibe with without any egos attached. She’s such a talented singer/songwriter and a delight to work with. GEMINI was the first song we did together and because of it we are now working on so many other projects together. 

What is the goal or next step for you?

My next goal is to release a bunch of the new music that I’ve been working on as well as work on my live show for next year. During quarantine, I started getting back into film and learning how to do my own visuals. So I’m really excited to explore that and apply it to my live shows. 

What do you personally consider to be the turning point in your career?

Fun fact, I actually graduated with a full acting scholarship to Vancouver Film School and during my last month of graduating, I got offered to play in an all girl Canadian electro pop band. I was 19 and super impulsive, so I just stopped going to school and joined the band. I didn’t even know how to play keyboards and had only 2 weeks to learn all the songs to get the part. My parents were super upset with me. Shortly after that I was playing a stadium tour opening up for a band called Simple Plan. One of the dates was to play my hometown and I’ll never forgot looking down at my mom with tears in her eyes and after my show she hugged me so tight and said I will never doubt you ever again. That was definitely one of my most memorable turning points in my career. I gave up a big acting scholarship to take a risk in music and here I am. With growing up in a super small town in Canada I never in a million years thought I would be in LA doing this. Haha

How would you describe your style? 

I grew up a tomboy so I’m not much of a heels & dress kinda girl unless my mom makes me wear one for a family function. I really love mens fashion on women and would definitely say my style is more androgynous for the most part. I think the best outfits are when you don’t try. Effortless & comfortable is key in my opinion. 

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ during the pandemic? 

Honestly when it first happened I was so worried, but then I harnessed all that energy and locked myself in my studio for 45 days and just made music every single day. Because of focusing solely on music production these last couple months, I actually gained clients during this time producing records for them. I realized that I would of maybe not had time for these clients had I been DJing full-time. I guess I chose to view this pandemic in an optimistic way and really be productive, push myself and stay focused. It’s a weird time right now and people need to realize the world is not gonna be what it was. So instead of sitting around and waiting for things to go back to normal, my advice is to be ten steps ahead. 

What inspired the creation of your new single releasing today and can you tell us about the song? 

I produced this song a year ago and was actually not going to release it. I have grown so much as a producer and can say I’m finally now finding my sound. I used to be extremely hard on myself and whatever I produced I would be sick of in a week. Thats something I have battled with for years, because as an artist you want everything to be perfect. Until I met Gloria, she sat me down and said most people aren’t gonna notice the little details like you do, they just wanna hear music, especially in this crazy time. Because of her now I feel like I broke that curse and am excited to release more regularly. Thats why this song is so special to me. It doesn’t even sound like the stuff Im producing now but I feel like its the song that made me let go of so many fears moving forward. GEMINI is symbolic for having two sides. The song is about the battle between letting go of your old self in order to reach the full potential of your new self.