Each year, some of the worlds most elite vehicles converge on famed Greystone Mansion, in the heart of Beverly Hills. This year, as in years past, O’Gara Coach Beverly Hills was in attendance.  We had two of our famed brands represented this year, Bentley and Aston Martin. With the newest vehicles our storied manufactures have available on hand, we got to see not only where our brands came from, but where they are going.

The main lot of the expansive estate housed the Concours show, with the central courtyard hosting featured sponsors. The courtyard of the Tudor Revival style Mansion is what we called home for the day. Our Aston Martin display featured a gorgeous Convertible V12 Vantage S, in Speedway White with red carbon trim.  Next to the Vantage Q Car was the newest Aston model available, the DB11. Drawing the most attention that day, the DB’s Magnetic Silver paint looked almost wet under the mornings cloudy skies. The intricate details in the 11’s interior had show attendee’s in awe at Aston’s newest creation.

Our second O’Gara Beverly Hills display featured cars on the opposite end of the spectrum.  The 2017 Bentley Mulsanne, with it’s large square front end and vertical chrome grill, make for an impressive site. With tons of back seat space, guests seemed more interested in what it would be like to be driven in the large sedan, rather than to pilot it. Perpendicular to Bentley’s flagship saloon was it’s newest release, the Bentayga.  The capable SUV drew some curious looks that day. Admirers peeked inside hoping to find out what the interior of a Bentley off roader must look like. They were surprised to find there was little difference between the luxurious Mulsanne and the stylish sport utility vehicle.

Even with the rain baring down on the show we had a marvelous time. Any day spent at Greystone Mansion is a special one. When you do so surrounded by the best automobiles in the world, it becomes something truly special.