Scottish whisky distillery, Glendronach, has collaborated with “Kingsman” film franchise director Matthew Vaughn in creating an outstanding 1989 Vintage Whiskey.  

Promoting the upcoming film release of The Kings Man (2021), the newly unveiled GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage has been intricately crafted by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie and took inspiration from the distillery’s oldest bottle – a twenty-nine-year-old whisky bottled just before the outbreak of the first World War in 1913.  

The story behind the historic bottle starts with three young soldiers leaving to war, vowing to return and share the whiskey bottle together. In a tragic ending, only one of the men returned home in which his family later gifted it to the distillery, where it remains unopened and displayed as a reminder of the bravehistory.  

Only 3,052 bottles will be available worldwide starting in September 2020. Each luxurious box is adorned with the iconic bespoke Kingsman insignia and bears the signatures of both Dr. Rachel Barrie and Matthew Vaughn. The whisky spends time maturing in Oloroso sherry casks before being finished in Pedro Ximénez casks from Spain. Each exclusive bottle is adorned with the iconic bespoke Kingsman insignia along with the signatures of both Dr. Rachel Barrie and Kingsman director. 

This twenty-nine-year-old Single Malt is an exceptional expression of the exceptional complexity and noble background behind both the British-American franchise and Scottish distillery. Arriving in a tarnished, copper coloring, the GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage is hinted with the taste of autumn fruited blended with black winter truffle, cocoa, and tobacco leaf. 

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