As a large focus has been shifted, giving back to local business, community, and those in need during these trying times, O’Gara has been a proud partner and contributor to local San Diego organization, Giving Back Magazine.  

Giving Back Magazine is a monthly publication in the San Diego area highlighting charitable people and organizations giving back to the community amid crisis.  Started by Esteban and Danitza Villanueva, the monthly magazine focuses on arts, charity, culture, entertainment, and travel reaching the affluent population.  

The team launched the project in 2007, when many larger and more established written publications were coming to a close, but their vision was clear in creating and sustaining a positive outlet reaching both the US and Mexico. Printed in English and Spanish, they are the only magazine in the region that is distributed on both sides of the border. 

Giving Back Magazine’s dedicated team is proud to be a bilingual and bi-national publication that focuses on an array to do-good features on both businesses and local individuals, but also bringing attention to local, charitable events in the San Diego and Tijuana area that are donating to a specific cause. 

Along with O’Gara, some other local partners include the Feeding San Diego, American Heart Association, Boys and Girls Club of San Diego, and more.  

We’re exciting to continue our partnership with Giving Back Magazine along with San Diego’s focus on relief for the community and local organizations.  

For more information on on Giving Back Magazine, please click HERE.