April 2018. A group of Bugatti and hypercar owners arrive at a palatial Beverly Park Residence to celebrate the release of the new Bugatti Chiron Sport. Over the course of the exclusive event, groups of owners were lead downstairs to the homes massive wine cellar. Awaiting them, was then new Bugatti President, Stephan Winkelmann. Each owner sat down and immediatly signed an NDA, agreeing not to disclose what they were about to see.

Stephan began to speak about the history of Bugatti, not only as a leader in performance, but as a coach builder as well. He reminded the group of the incredible models that had come before the ones that occupied their garages. After the inspiring speech concluded, Winkleman slid a piece of paper onto the large oak table and said “I present the Bugatti Divo”.

The sketch was passed from person to person while Stephan went over the numbers. Zero to sixty in 2.4 seconds. Top speed 236 mph. Built for handling, not top speed. Only 40 to be built in the world. Price, 5 Million Euros. The room was silent for a long minute before one of the worlds largest Bugatti owners asked “Can I take two?”.

This was the birth of what has gone on to be one of the most significant hypercars built by the storied automaker.

Fast forward to December 2020. Three of the four Divo’s commissioned though Bugatti Beverly Hills and its Brand Manager Tim O’Hara, sit together inside the O’Gara Motorsport facility. Located at the Thermal Club in Palm Desert, the private race track made for the perfect location to deliver the nimble 16 cylinder monster.

“This day has been a long time coming. I’ve been working on this project with my clients for over 2.5 years.” said O’Hara. “The process of spec’ing these cars has been cathartic in a way. It showed me what’s possible and reinvigorated my excitement for what’s to come.”

With only 40 of these cars built for the world, three of them sitting together is incredibly special and likely not to be seen for a while. Each one delivered was a unique spec yet complemented each other beautifully. It made easy work for O’Gara’s in house photographer to capture these incredible photos.

“To see these cars go from that piece of paper, to a computer render, to sitting here in front of me is a great feeling.” said O’Hara. “It was a very involved build process so to deliver 4 of only 40 to be built in the world is something I’m very proud of.”