At O’Gara Coach we are very fortunate. As one of the largest dealer groups in the automotive world, it affords us, and our clients, access to products first. The 2021 Ghost was one of the most successful car launches of 2020 and with it brought a lot of excitement about the newly redesigned luxury sedan. Even with the challenges seen this year, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars began production of the Ghost and saw one of the first in the world land on west coast of the US. That car was delivered the day before Thanksgiving to one of our esteemed clients out at the O’Gara Motorsport facility. The Palm Springs based facility is located inside the Thermal Club Private Race Track, and made for an incredible backdrop for the delivery. Our client was incredibly excited for the newest member of their Rolls-Royce collection, and couldn’t wait to get it on the road. For more information on the new 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost CLICK HERE.


Ghost is underpinned with a custom-built aluminum chassis. In light of these bespoke proportions, Rolls-Royce designers and engineers were gifted with complete freedom when imagining a Ghost that embodies resolute perfection. The strength and rigidity of the aluminum results in a drive that is categorically steady, smooth and silent — elevating the Magic Carpet Ride sensation like never before.