25 years ago, the McLaren Fl GTRs challenged other racing veterans at the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time. McLaren not only qualified but crushed the competition to bring home 5 finishes leading to the most successful debut in the race’s history. To celebrate these victories and honor Bruce McLaren’s memory, a limited-run of 5 GTR-style Fl cars were built for the road.

These very special cars were not typical McLaren Fls; they were enhanced to truly honor Bruce McLaren’s dream – to create a genuine race car experience on the road. Redesigned cam covers and an engine tune provided more horsepower while weight was reduced, and aerodynamics were improved through the use of GTR-style bodywork. The cars were painted in Papaya Orange – to pay homage to the Can-Am sports cars of the 60s and the McLaren tartan colors. The Fl LM cars are considered to be the fastest iteration of an already record-breaking fast McLaren, and with so few made they have become a highly coveted collector car

Now, to commemorate the Silver Anniversary of this historic win and these iconic cars, McLaren Beverly Hills presents one of 5 limited-edition, bespoke Sennas in Exclusive McLaren Orange. Inspired by the original Fl LMs, these Sennas have had several factory modifications and upgrades to represent the epitome of what a McLaren Senna can truly be on the road.

With the same engine as a Senna GTR at 814 hp, but released for the streets, these exclusive Sennas are much more than a bespoke paint livery. To pay homage to the original Fl LM cars, these tributes feature upgrades such as: new polished ports and cylinder heads for the (more powerful) engine, OZ aluminum wheels, quad exhausts tipped in satin gold, bespoke aerodynamically-enhanced bodywork, a 24k gold heatshield, fully bespoke interior including Titanium Nitride foot pedals, racing centre locks, and bespoke LM branding both inside and outside.

McLaren Automotive represents innovation and being fearless in pushing for more. This spirit is carried through their vehicles and the way they make drivers feel, to create more and more of these moments for McLaren enthusiasts throughout North America.

McLaren Beverly Hills is offering a very exclusive McLaren – one of 5 for North America and the only road cars to harness the power of the Senna GTR engine – and the team is excited to bring breathtaking performance and unparalleled experiences to McLaren owners, McLaren lovers, and their communities.

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