The Drive. The focus behind Robert Melvilles spectacularly designed xElva. McLaren Automotive tasked the young designer with the job of creating the ultimate driving experience.  Something pure and uncompromising.  To do this, McLaren went back to its roots. The open top sports cars of the 60’s that the founder, Bruce McLaren, used to dominate the racing world. With principals set in place by the original open top, mid-engine, lightweight M1A, Melville and his team got to work. What they came up with is as breathtaking as the experience of driving it.

As one of the first dealers in the country to receive the gorgeous machine, we knew we needed to put on an event that was worthy of its presence. Enter The Agency. One of the premier Luxury Real Estate groups in the world and their 12,000 square foot modern home.  1300 Beverly Estate Drive played host to the event with everything from an unbelievable view of downtown LA to a complete dinosaur skeleton in the foyer.  It was the perfect location to celebrate McLaren’s newest achievement.

Wanting to include the full range to be put on display, we also had in attendance beautiful examples of the new GT, 600LT, 720S, and the Senna.  With the music going and the stage set, it was time to unveil the star of the show. Waiting being the garage door and underneath the black shroud, lie a matte electric blue automobile that would blow away all the guests waiting in anticipation.

The open top roaster was here in all its glory.  The guests were stunned at the organic shape that seamlessly blended exterior with interior. The futuristic look of something that could be so analog yet feel like it’s from the future. As the event came to a close and the guests began to leave,  we sat back and looked at the car, alone in the garage, and knew that we were looking at a future icon.