Automotive columnist, author, YouTuber, and personal friend of O’Gara Coach, Doug DeMuro, recently posted his review video of the newly released 2020 Bentley Flying Spur.

The well-known, local resident who does vehicle reviews for our O’Gara San Diego location and O’Gara MotorSport went on YouTube outlining his thoughts on Bentley’s Ultra Luxury, 5,500-pound Sedan. With the completely redesigned body style, twin turbo 12-cylinder engine, and immaculate interior, DeMuro was extremely impressed. 

“(The Flying Spur) is basically supercar territory in a giant sedan.” 
The much-loved YouTuber, whose casual review/demonstration videos are viewed by his 3.5 Million subscribers, goes into detail on the model’s upscaled interior space, finish, style, and materials. With the classic Bentley opulence incorporated into the Flying Spur’s Infotainment controls, sound system, massage seats, rear-seat controls headrest pillows, and more, the 1st Edition vehicle greatly outshines the original Continental Flying Spur from early 2006.

“Unbelievable focus on perfection, quality, luxury – I love it in here.”
The automotive writer and local San Diegan went on to describe the vehicle as “95% of the Phantom for 50% of the money” as he took it for a spin around the seaside La Jolla neighborhood. DeMuro was surprised as he noted that the top speed of the Bentley Flying Spur is 207 mph- meaning the sedan has a higher top speed than the Ferrari F40, making the model extremely engine-efficient paired with the top-of-the-line Bentley style.