Designed by A38 arkitekter in the winter valley of Oppdal, Norway, the Diamanten Cabin showcases beautiful, stark design among the vastly rural surroundings.  

Taken inspiration and named after the Norwegian word for diamond, the icy retreat sits in the Norwegian mountains next to a myriad of other traditional wooden buildings from the 19th-century. However, this architecture is far conventional.  

The Diamanten Cabin is “designed as an exercise in the dichotomy of traditional wooden structural systems together with contemporary minimalist geometries”. While fitting into the other mountainous architecture, the cabin uses geometric design and harsh angles to make up this small-size timber cottage sitting high above the central Norway mountains. The structure faces the snowcaps outward, hosting an intimate atmosphere gazing above the tree tops and lower village.  

The A38 arkitekter comments on the creation: “Our concept is based on minimal interference with nature, which requires a very sturdy central column structurally supporting the annex. this allows the existing terrain to remain almost untouched. the steep hills above Oppdal with its 18th-century traditional buildings provides the beautiful backdrop for ‘the diamond.’” 

Both private yet open, cozy yet vast, this personal cabin is the ideal retreat if you want the perfect mix of dramatic luxury while experiencing the nearby humbling landscape. The design of sloping angles with sweeping views of the snow-covered valley introduces a new element to the Norway’s traditional and historic wooden architecture. 

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