Let us tell you a story.  A little under a month ago, the DB11 Volante was introduced to the world.  While last night the DB11 Volante was introduced to Beverly Hills.   The guests were greeted by an original 1964 Aston Martin DB5, and as they continued through the door, a stunning view of Los Angles was waiting.  Then at 7:13 promptly, all music came to a halt, there was an explosion over the speakers, and our undercover performers tore through the crowd inviting the guests to follow.  Everyones attention was directed to the highly anticipated display location.

The crowd gathered around the car under cover, and once everyone arrived the property went dark.  The mood was set, and lights followed our performers as they danced around the car creating a James Bond playful banter. The wind was howling, and what was waiting beneath the cover was finally revealed! They stepped inside the car and as the doors shut on the new DB11 Volante the crowd went wild!  Full lighting came back and the performers stepped aside for a member of Aston Martin Corporate to tell us more about the vehicle.  The home had an amazing marble component that provided a backdrop to the DB11 Volante and was surrounded by flames.  Additionally, the Vaquish S Coupe along side the V12 Vantage S Roadster backlit what we have all been waiting to see; Debatably the most anticipated convertible sports grand tourer, the new DB11 Volante.

Well what makes this new car so high in demand?  For starters the power-plant under the hood.  At 503 hp, the V8 Mercedes-AMG engine is creating a top speed of 187mph!  The car is built upon the aluminum bonded technology seen first in the DB11 coupe, and  developed with the intentions of carrying out a much broader range of abilities.  Performance and handling were enhanced to accentuate the sport side of the cars character, while refinement of luxury, and comfort to the interior design were executed to ensure the grand touring aspect of the car.

A huge thank you to Paul Lester from The Agency for providing such a bespoke “James Bond” fitting home which is available for purchase. View the listing by clicking here.  And thank you to Ruinart Champagne for refined champagne !  Finally, Zen Arts provided beautiful dancers and choreography that made this unveil unlike any other!

The most anticipated convertible sports grand tourer is here and ready for orders! Contact our sales team to learn more.