The Lamborghini Thermal Experience has come and gone. Recently we had one of the largest and most diverse group of cars and drivers hit the private grounds of Thermal Racetrack.  Lamborghini’s flanked by Ferrari’s and McLaren’s made for a very intriguing track day.

Lambo Thermal Nov-1
Lambo Thermal Nov-26

Thermal is always special for us, but this was made more so by the debut of the O’Gara Coach Villa. Our guests were shuttled to the trackside villa for breakfast with a view. Here they were able to fuel themselves up and receive some preliminary driver instruction. We were really excited with how the Villa came together and thrilled to share this beautiful place with our guests.

Lambo Thermal Nov-11
Lambo Thermal Nov-24
Lambo Thermal Nov-15
Lambo Thermal Nov-22

Next came the fun part. It was time to get one the track. With groups switching between autocross and the large track, guests were able to experience two very different types of racing. The autocross which is much shorter but requires more maneuvering  tested the drivers reactions and timing. The test was not only cornering but stopping within the “box” to receive a time without penalty.

Lambo Thermal Nov-38

The large track let the clients stretch their legs and push their cars in ways they hadn’t before.  With long strait aways and sweeping turns, racers were able feel a connection with their car that cannot be achieved during daily driving.

Lambo Thermal Nov-84

At the end of the day our guests were not only thrilled with the experience but couldn’t wait to come back.  Below are a couple testimonials we received when asked what our guests enjoyed.

“Great instructors at Thermal. Also the wisdom and knowledge of Edo and Jeff. Driving the huracan, and the very kind and attentive staff and their genuine concern to make sure everybody had a good time and felt welcomed.”

“Driving with the expert really showed me how to approach the track”

We will keep you up to date with future Track Experiences, and hope to see you there.

Lambo Thermal Nov-115
Lambo Thermal Nov-119
Lambo Thermal Nov-110
Lambo Thermal Nov-100
Lambo Thermal Nov-79
Lambo Thermal Nov-52
Lambo Thermal Nov-46
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Lambo Thermal Nov-85
Lambo Thermal Nov-45