At O’Gara Coach we pride ourselves on hosting first class events for our Clients, Friends, and Family.  This evening was no different. We decided we wanted to introduce people to some new car models and also have a little fun in the process. With top quality food and drinks being served guests were able to enjoy gourmet fare while admiring some of the most beautiful automobiles in the world.

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That night we wanted to spotlight two very special cars. First the new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder in a gorgeous Verde Mantis green. Second the brand new Aston Martin DB11. This new GT car is the latest addition to Aston Martin’s already stellar line up, and the successor to the famed DB9. The event was the perfect opportunity to put our clients in front of the cars and even schedule some drive time.

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With over 200 people in attendance this Cocktail hour was able to get us in touch with familiar faces as well as new ones.  It also gave guests a unique opportunity to view not only new cars for sale, but two very special cars with a cinematic history.  Aston Martin was gracious enough to loan us for a week the Famed DB10 from the latest James Bond movie “Spectre”.  This was a real treat for fans of not only the car but the movie series as well. With only 10 cars made, this particular car is one of two survivors of a model made solely  for the James Bond film.   Known as the “Hero Car” this is the car that was filmed complete and whole and not in stunt sequences. Driven by 007 himself the car was auctioned off for charity and fetched a tidy sum of $3.48 Million.

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The night was a huge success, not only bringing everyone together, but celebrating some of the finest in what O’Gara Coach has to offer.

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