At Bentley La Jolla, we know what our customers like. For this particular group it wasn’t just fine automobiles, it was food and wine as well. We decided to celebrate all three by hosting a Chef’s Table Dinner Series. This is the first in a long list of upcoming dinners. Each wonderful and unique in their own way.

As guests arrive to one of Souther California’s premier resorts, Rancho Valencia, they are greeted by some members of Bentley’s stellar lineup. After being led through the beautiful Tuscan Style quart yard, complete with outdoor seating and fireplace, guests enter the private and exclusive Wine Cave.

The sprawling sixteen person table was outfitted with beautiful arrangements and Bentley Gifts for all the guests attending.

Guests were greeted with Champagne and Caviar and given some time to become acquainted with one another.

After sundown the guests were seated and the meal began. Each course was paired with wine, hand picked by the Rancho Valencia in house Sommelier.  The nights fare included traditional English dishes to celebrate the birthplace of Bentley. Kampachi Crudo, Scotch Egg, and Brandt Beef Filet were only a few of the items served that night, with Bentley model themed wines to complement the dish.

The night was a huge success with all of our guests walking away thrilled at the exclusive experience we were able to bring them. A huge thanks goes out to our partners at Neiman Marcus, and Rancho Valencia for their incredible food, service, and hospitality.