The world of watches is a complex one. There are many, many brands. In this world only a select few are able to carry the namesake of an exotic car brand. And in this world, only one can carry the name Bugatti.

Bugatti. Synonymous with being the pinnacle of luxury, performance, and wealth. Since the introduction of the Veyron, and its million dollar price tag, the name Bugatti was more than a car, it was a symbol. From 2005 until now, a Bugatti was the ultimate symbol of wealth and luxury in the car world. Not just because of its horsepower or top speed, but for the craftsmanship that went into building one. This is why when it came time to make a watch commemorating the iconic brand, only one watch maker was chosen.

Enter Jacob & Co. A privately held jewelry and wristwatch retailer, founded in 1986 by diamond designer Jacob Arabo. In 2002 Arabo expanded into the luxury watchmaking industry. In the time since they have earned a reputation for creating some of the most intricate and stunning watches in the world. It’s for this reason Bugatti trusts Jacob & Co with the brands namesake, and with creating a design befitting the pinnacle of all things luxury. Introducing the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. With a price tag of $280,000 and a limited number of them being built, this watch embodies the spirit and craftsmanship that comes with the Bugatti name.