At O’Gara when we do Saturday Morning Brunch, we don’t mess around. We try to provide guests an experience they may never have otherwise. For this particular morning we got together one of the largest groups of Aston Martin DB11’s ever seen, and rallied to The SoHo House Malibu.

The Aston Martin DB11 has, seemingly overnight, become known as the ultimate GT car. With it’s front mounted twin turbo v12 putting out 600HP and it’s adjustable suspension making for a comfortable ride, this beautiful machine can take on any road you put in front of it. To test this we created a route that took our guests from the city streets of Beverly Hills, to the seaside roads of the PCH, and finally the canyons of Malibu.

Before the rally started we gave guests a chance to become acquainted with one another, and fuel up for the drive.

The drivers meeting and route review came next and it was time to hit the road.

The route started by making our way down Rodeo Drive, giving fans and tourists a chance to snap photos as we passed.

After delighting tourists and feeling like celebrity’s on Rodeo Dr, we hit the throttle and raced down Sunset Blvd on our way to the coast.  The DB11 took the rough and twisty roads of Bentwood and the Pacific Palisades like a true GT should.

We exited onto the PCH and headed north toward Malibu. The light cruise up the coast was a nice break before the intense drive to come.

Instead of continuing on for only another five miles, we decided to instead take one of the most intense and beautiful roads in Southern California. Adding another 22 miles of driving bliss we blasted up Topanga Canyon Road.  After 10 miles or so joined up on Mulholland Hwy and made our way back south. We regrouped on Malibu Canyon road and blasted though the tunnel with over a dozen V12’s screaming as we did so.  Finally we exited back only onto the PCH and made the short drive to the Private SoHo Malibu. This exclusive club does not allow photos inside, so our content ended in the parking lot. However we’ve included photos from their website so that you can get an idea of how special this place really is.  This was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve ever had on a drive and we look forward to doing it again.