Working with the most luxurious vehicles and supercars of the world, one of the best parts of the job are capturing these magnificent creations in a innovative way to be enjoyed by all. O’Gara Coach has partnered with marketing and photography agency, Brooke Mason Creative, for numerous high-fashion photo shoots and content collaborations to do just that. 

As an agency focused on branding and business, the renowned media expert assist clients in digital media management including website design, e-commerce, social media, marketing analysis, and more. “I’m known for my work as a celebrity advertising photographer and opened my agency 4 years ago to help my clients be more successful,” said Mason, “It’s so rewarding!”

Brooke Mason, a dear friend to the O’Gara Coach family, has partnered in multiple advertising campaigns for O’Gara MotorSport, Aston Martin Beverly Hills, Lamborghini Beverly Hills, McLaren Beverly Hills, and Rolls-Royce Beverly Hills. She mentions, “Working with O’Gara has been an incredible experience. Luxury lifestyle at it’s finest! The team is amazing and understands their vision.”

When asked about her favorite photo shoot with the company, Mason goes on to describe her incredible first time experience at our O’Gara MotorSport Facility at The Thermal Club. It was there that Brooke Mason Creative was invited out to direct and capture stunning editorial images of our McLaren hyper cars at the picturesque Palm Springs Racetrack. You can see these high-profile images as well as our other partnered photo shoots featured in Modern Luxury | Angeleno Magazine and The Beverly Hills Courier

As many events and planned collaborations have slowed due to COVID-19, Mason states that this is an opportune time to empower the Los Angeles community. “It’s important for people to stay motivated,” she continues, “It’s easy to stop everything, to stop work, get complacent and when business resumes to normal it will be hard to re-start that engine.”

We asked our O’Gara Coach partner how Brooke Mason Creative is currently changing with the times, “I’ve been giving advice, putting out videos, newsletters and blog posts with tips on what we can do during this time, things you can do on your own. I believe in productivity and keeping our spirits high, it’s important we don’t come to a complete halt, keep moving forward even if it’s a slower pace.”

As the rest of the world continues to move forward and adjust to the “new normal”, Mason also emphasizes that this is when businesses should get busy. “This is a great time to focus on your business’s branding: the look, feel and attitude of your business.” She includes, “Once your branding is strong, you can create business strategy for these next coming months. Set small goals to begin with, a 3 – 6 month strategy with a big goal in mind. Use this time to grow!”

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