Located on a 19-square-mile island off the coast of Vancouver, the Bowen Island House was specially designed as an escape from the city into the fresh air of the Canadian mountains.  

The 2,930 SF building resides on the coastline of British Columbia, allowing the coveted, stunning views to be the main focal point surrounding the simplistic architectural design. Principal architect Steve McFarlane says nature was the main inspiration: “(The owners) were really looking for what they described as a cabin,” recalls McFarlane, “somewhere they could go and nurture this deep connection with nature, for themselves and for their kids.” 

Overlooking the water on the north shore of Bowen Island, the cabin sitts perpendicular to the coast and is partially embedded into the hillside for minimal disruption to the land. The dramatic landscape can be enjoyed from every corner of the space with the many floor-to-ceiling windows – giving a minimal atmosphere to gaze about the treetops and deep blue waters.  

“It’s one of those examples where the whole exceeds the sum of its parts. They’re very simple materials and very simple spaces and very simple building forms, but they have a way of sitting on that site that just resonates so deeply,” says McFarlane. 

Aiming to create a humble and timeless residence, the sustainable design uses cast concrete walls, blackened local cedar, and a special green roof blending into local, native vegetation. The contemporary cabin highlights light-colored, modern furniture to elevate the upscaled serenity into the open space.  

Of course, the location can’t be beat – the desired cabin sports views across Howe Sound to West Lion and Mt. Garibaldi beyond, taking in every natural element of green flora, mountains, and sky.   

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