Introducing the World’s Fastest Airliner: The Boom Supersonic.  

A project beginning since 2014, Boom has been working on the world’s fastest civil aircraft in partnership with the esteemed Rolls Royce Motor Cars. The two are teaming up in this era-defining airplane with both brand’s design with a shared mindset of a net-zero carbon future. The 55-seat craft is aiming for a top speed of Mach 2.2 – cutting the flight time from New York to London to 3.5 hours, San Fransisco to Tokyo to 5.5, and Sydney to LA to under 7. 

For the first time since the arrival of the Concorde 001 53 years ago, the new supersonic aircraft will soon be unveiled with the fuselage already built, wings tested and installed, and engines ready. Utilizing new technology and business innovation with little time barrier, Boom designers have curated this one-of-a-kind model in mind that tomorrow’s air travel is both supersonic and sustainable, with innovation being the key to aviation future. This is the supersonic demonstrator, XB-1 – built purely on 21st century innovation. 

This thrilling new airline model will forever change how the world looks at travel as the design and development of the world’s next supersonic airliner is laying the foundation for travel twice as fast. XB-1’s complete assembly marks a turning point for future supersonic travel in demonstrating key technologies for supersonic flight while being safe, efficient, and sustainable. Advanced aerodynamic design, carbon composite material, and high efficiency propulsion combine to make XB-1 an economical supersonic aircraft much more than generations past. 

The upcoming unveiling of XB-1 will celebrate years of hard work, innovation, and drive by the talented Boom team. Their creation will both shape how the world thinks of travel and celebrate the incredible technology of modern day aviation. 

While development on the Supersonic continues, Boom’s XB-1 demonstrator prototype is set to be unveiled October 7th 2020

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