5,900-nautical miles. That will get you from Los Angeles to Moscow nonstop. That’s just one of the flights you can make in the new Bombardier Global 5550. That’s 700 more miles, or roughly the entire length of California, than the Global 5550’s closest competition. With its Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, it can cruise at the edge of the sound barrier, getting you there faster too. The first Global 5550 has been delivered to its owner, and while the specific interior details remain private, the cabin dimensions measure 7’11” wide by 6’2″ tall, with a standard seating configuration for 16. The options however, are only as limited as your budget. The cabin also features a Pur air filtration system that completely cycles cabin air every 90 seconds along with eliminating 99.99% of contaminants and pathogens, something important in todays climate. The plane also features a 4k entertainment system, and patented Nuage seats. For more information on the incredible plane CLICK HERE.