Sitting on Rodeo Drive next to international brands like Cartier and Hermès is a different kind of retailer. Deemed as “The Most Expensive Store in the World”, the European-style building decorated in ivy is so exclusive, you’ll need an appointment and impressive bank account to sport these pieces. 

Born in the city of Beverly Hills, the House of Bijan started it’s legacy over 44 years ago by Bijan Pakzad, designing some of the most stunning and curated boutique collections to the world’s elite. The famed LA Fashion House specializes in “Wearable Art” including their famous menswear items but also timepieces, jewelry, luggage, and handbags. Aware of the fight against the current global pandemic, Bijan has also since created a PPE Face Shield in which all proceeds will be donated to Los Angeles first responders and medical professionals. 

Photo by Brooke Mason

Continuing his father’s legacy, 27-year-old Nicolas Bijan set the tone for a new generation of design for the legendary “By Appointment” brand. Catering to the most powerful clientele, including both US Presidents and Hollywood royalty, the Beverly Hills retailer is known for it’s influential stamp on fashion and can be spotted with the iconic yellow stitching in their $10,000 suits. “It’s unintentional on our part,” Nicolas Bijan states, “but there’s kind of a whole aura around Bijan that definitely plays some role in the psyche of our clients.” 

Unlike most high fashion retailers, the House of Bijan takes their creative direction to the next level with a special interest in luxury vehicle design as well. Compiled in a collection of “Driveable Art”, Bijan has partnered with top-tiered, global auto companies to create an ultra-exclusive Bijan-Style Bugatti Veyron and Rolls Royce Phantom collections.  

The most recent vehicle collaboration has been with Aston Martin as they unveiled the new Bijan Edition DBS Superleggera at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance last summer.  

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