Luxurious. Brilliant. Striking. Bentley, one of the most highly recognized car brands in the world, gets called all of these things on a regular basis.  Recently with the reintroduction of the famed Continental Supersports, fast can be added to our vocabulary. The 700 HP W12 Monster seen above will reach a top speed of over 200MPH making it one of the fastest four seaters in the world. With limited production numbers making these cars a rare sight, we decided we would bring together our clients and friends, and celebrate this Beautiful British Masterpiece.

Located at our beautiful Bentley Beverly Hills showroom, the event brought people up close and personal with the Legendary Supersports. Both iterations were available, the Continental and Continental Convertible.

With gourmet hors d’oeuvres such as Foie Gras with an Orange Reduction, or Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Blinis with dill, being served, guests not only got to view luxury but taste it as well.

Our bar was serving impeccably crafted Bentley branded drinks and beautiful molecular cocktails throughout the event.

Our partners at Luxury Living provided us with the Amazing Bentley Home Collection seen throughout the showroom. This made for a luxurious event in every sense of the word. For a video highlight of the night CLICK HERE