The Bentley Mulliner name has embodied the auto brand’s limited editions and exclusive materials since the beginning of the coachbuilder. Mulliner has since expanded within the company in three different divisions: Mulliner Classic, Mulliner Coachbuilt, and Mulliner Collections. Best known for their striking style and upscale interiors, Bentley surprised us all by adding an unexpecting element to their specially commissioned vehicles – Stone Veneers

Exceeding expectations and designing the next level of luxury, Bentley Stone Veneers have been added to the list of over 5,000 options to customize and personalize your Bentley vehicle. The 0.1mm-thick veneers are made from slate and quartzite, with four different colors available: Autumn White, Copper, Galaxy, or Terra Red with an open pore finish making a one-of-a-kind texture.  

These extremely rare panels use historic Bentley craftsmanship with newer technological advances to create this innovative offering. The auto brand is known for their work in interior with hides taking years to develop and centuries to grow the wood for veneers. Now, with the newly added Stone Veneers, this is just another step up in creating an ultra-exclusive vehicle with numerous color, pattern and textures that no other brands have. 

Each slab of stone is sustainably sourced in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India, and cured in a bespoke resin before they’re shaped and finished by hand at the company’s Crewe, England headquarters. The clay deposits in the slate and quartzite slate go back 200 million years and are ethically and sustainably sourced. The panels are then delivered to Mulliner where the Bentley team starts the innovative design process – the prehistoric rock is cut into 0.1mm thick sheets and heated to a pliable forming temperature before contouring to the vehicle in perfect precision.  

The Bentley Mulliner Stone Veneers are an exciting addition to the extensive menu of options catering to the highest of the luxury brand’s clientele.  

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