Excitement. The word best used to describe our feelings about the launch of a brand new Bentley Flying Spur. Having seen what the design team at Bentley had done to reshape and modernize the continental, we knew we were in for something special. The sleek yet bold four door car was unveiled to the world digitally, with beautifully done images and video. We now knew just how stunning the car was, but something was missing. We needed to interact with it. We needed to feel it’s presence. We needed to show our clients in person, just how incredible this car was. So we did just that.

To create an experience around a car like this it needs to feel at home in its surroundings. It should look natural, even if, in this case the car was in the backyard. Enter Gunnar Peterson, celebrity fitness trainer, author, and Los Angeles Lakers’ Director of Strength and Endurance. Aside from being LA’s premier Strength Coach, he’s also a client and long time parter of O’Gara. Having worked with him before at his gorgeous home in Beverly Hills, we knew this location would make for an incredible evening. Under the supervision of our Director of Marketing and Events, Nacole Gray, the Peterson back yard was transformed into a stunning backdrop for the Flying Spurs big reveal.

Guests were introduced to the car by Mike Rocco, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Bentley Americas. Then the time came. The crowd fell silent, phones raised high, and the cars cover drawn back. We unveiled Bentley’s newest masterpiece in a way that only O’Gara Beverly Hills could.