Superior Products. Uniquely Developed. 

As the Clean Beauty revolution moves forward in full force, BB Lifestyle and their skincare products are on the front lines. 

CEO and Founder, Bill Bakho describes their philosophy to deliver multi-faceted, benefit-driven products with sophisticated formulas, cutting-edge ingredients and technology.

Bill Bakho

“We are a luxury and performance line of skincare products that uses organic THC-Free HempCBD in our products. We have the BB Luxury Brand and the B2 Performance Brand of Skincare.” The products are for both men and women, made in California, sustainably sourced, paraben-free, and everything else you would look for in a non-toxic skincare product. BB Lifestyle has proven that you can have pure, ultra-luxe skincare with clean ingredients without sacrificing any of the results. 

“I have been working with O’Gara for close to 12 years. Our luxury and performance skincare products line up with O’Gara’s luxury and performance automobile brands,” Bakho mentions, “We provide products for their gift bags for the brand parties and have specialty gift boxes for O’Gara’s VIP clients and private events. We provide sunscreen protection and after care at the O’Gara MotorSport Thermal Track days. BB Lifestyle is one of O’Gara sponsors for Sunset GTPebble Beach Rallies and various other events.”

Bill Bakho

Bill Bakho has also had a love of cars since childhood so a partnership with O’Gara’s prestigious brands of automobiles and BB Lifestyle’s innovative skincare is a match made in heaven.

Along with our auto brands and similar partners, BB Lifestyle has also begandonatinga portion of sales to a charity and given products to various heath care workers. Bakho gave his input on some ways to cope with the “new normal” during COVID-19 – “Though history every generation has changed one way or another. Some years more drastic then others. Humans are very adaptable to their environment and will find ways to adjust to their surroundings to create a normal life for themselves”. 

If you want to find out more about BB Lifestyle, Bill Bakho or their skincare products you can visit their website at or their Instagram @bblifestyleofficial