Luxury Danish electronics company, Bang & Olufsen, is commemorating their 95th birthday this month with an old-school favorite renovated for the 21st century – The Beogram 4000C Turntable.  

Initially released in 1972, the Beograd turntable stunned the audio world with its futuristic look and high-tech design. Now, nearly 50 years since the debut, the Danish company has revamped the luxury urntable favorite ready for contemporary homes. 

The newly reimagined 4000C designed by the Bang & Olufsen team has a renovated RIAA pre-amplifier, meaning the turntable can easily be integrated with all home speaker setups using a wired, line-level signal on two RCA phono plugs or 3.5mm line signal wired connection. The table’s original aluminum look has now been polished and anodized for a warmer champagne glow as well as including a new hand-crafted solid oak added to frame each deck. 

Within the retro box of the Beogram 4000C, buyers will receive the turntable, pickup and record brushes in crafted leather pouch, Fabric power cable, 5 pin DIN signal cable, phono/Line signal adaptor cables, User Manual, and a reprinted Beogram 4002 Design Story Publication. 

Each original Beogram has been worked on by a dedicated team of skilled engineers, technicians and craftspeople at the facilities in Struer, Denmark. Experts clean, refurbish, update and fine-tune every single element of the record players by hand for new, upscale look while adhering to the old 70’s design. 

Like the ever-flowing change of the music and tech industries, the Beogram was recreated by the design team to celebrate the core values residing at Bang & Olufsen since 1925: times may change, but the warm analogue sound of vinyl is forever. Coinciding with the company’s 95 years, only 95 of these ultra-cool turntables will be produced.  

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