In the world of supercars it’s not often that a test drive can push the car to its fullest potential.  Freeway speeds are the fastest you’ll be able to travel, and there’s always the possibility of traffic and rough roads.  Enter Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, home to one of the fastest oval tracks in the country, and the all new Lamborghini Aventador S.


Lamborghini decided to give guests interested in the newest v12 car a chance to really put the car though its paces. Starting with a brief intro explaining the car and the new technology.   From there they picked their car and hit the autocross. Getting a feel for the car at slower speeds really showed off the new 4 wheel steering and how agile the car has become. After a few laps on the autocross, drivers were led to the main infield track where they could push higher speeds and feel how much acceleration 740 HP provides. Completing the experience was taking the car out onto the main strait away of the 2 mile oval track. This famed speedway know for seeing cars hit 220+mph saw our drivers push themselves to speeds they had never reached before. This Lamborghini Experience opened their eyes to the cars true potential and what it means to own a Lamborghini.