Last week we took a select few clients out for an extended test drive in the all new Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster!  Seeing that we’re based here in sunny Southern California, the Roadster was the perfect car for the experience! To give the clients a dynamic drive, we covered a few different roads.  The route started down Sunset Blvd. where the fleet of 5 stunning Lamborghini’s caught the attention of the LA tourists!  From Sunset Blvd. we took Los Flores to experience the vehicle on a bit more technical corners, and then to Piuma Rd.  Piuma, was where we were able to take the bigger sweeping turns at higher speeds.  From there we took Malibu Canyon road back down the canyon to stop in the Malibu Country Mart for a quick stop to talk about the cars! So let’s talk about this new generation of Aventador’s. What’s new?  What’s different?  Lamborghini is calling the key differences “The Four Masterpieces.”  Of the four, this is the first Lamborghini to have an additional driving mode.  They still have your day-to-day driving experience, Strada. Another step up, the Sport mode, and of course the demonic and aggressive Corsa.  But now there is a 4th mode.  The Ego mode.  This is where the driver has the opportunity to customize the drive.  One can choose the engine, steering and suspension separately for a customized option.  As Lamborghini has been saying… “Free your Ego.” Additionally there is now 4-wheel steering.  At high speeds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front to create additional stability while cornering.  While at lower speeds, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction as the front to decrease the turning radius and to create a more driver friendly experience.  There is also four active suspension push-rods to react to the road and the driver as effectively as possible, and the 4-wheel drive component is wearing a new set of tires!  Now every Aventador comes stock with the latest from Pirelli, the New P Zero. So let us ask you, when are you stopping into the new showroom to place your order for the Aventador S Roadster?!  We just gave you four reasons that this generation is better than the last.  Not to mention the new V12 engine producing 740HP in an open top experience.  Let Lamborghini Beverly Hills create the strongest sensations on your next drive.  Stop in to 8423 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills CA 90211 today to fully experience the newest generation of Lamborghini; the Aventador S Roadster.