Co-developed with British tech company Curv, the AMR-C01 is the first luxury home racing simulator to be designed by Aston Martin

Starting at £57,500, Aston Martin has created the AMR-C01 with the UK Manufacturer, Curv Racing Simulators, founded by three-time Le Mans winning Aston Martin works driver, Darren Turner. Working with cutting edge Formula 1 simulators, Aston Martin x Curv has built and  designed this new-tech simulator in their first exciting collaboration.  

This was a challenge for the design team as, although the simulator isnt a car, it is inspired by our racing cars. It needed to exude the same elegance, boasting the same dynamic lines and balance of proportions as any Aston Martin with a racing lineage. I can picture the AMR-C01 in the most beautiful of residences as a sculptural work of art in its own right. – Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman 

A large, wrap-around Samsung screen with F1-style steering wheel begin the package for an ultimate gaming experience that is virtual motorsport. Whether the “driver” is most comfortable in the game room, an obsessed virtual reality player or real-life competitive racer, this Aston Martin creation is set to immerse the user in the heart-pounding world of racing. 

Expertly built for an exceptional immersive experience with the auto brand’s high quality, the sim is built in all-carbon-fiber with an official Aston Martin Racing grille in the front of the simulator. The AMR-C01 has both the UK brand’s signature styling while still sustaining that powerful auto-like presence; the model is also engineered to have the same seating position as the Valkyrie sports car. 

Customers can expect the same refinement seen in classic Aston Martin creations with the machine’s rigid structure, sleek design, and hyper car feel – all while sitting driver’s seat in the comfort of your own home. 

The AMR-C01 is all about the love of racing. Weve created a home simulator with incredible immersion that offers users the opportunity to have a great time racing in the virtual world, from the comfort of their own home. Our goal was to create a simulator that provided as much enjoyment in virtual reality as real racing does. Racing cars is a lot of fun and it is great to see that with the growth of Esports racing, more people are now getting involved. – Curv Founder & Aston Martin Racing Driver, Darren Turner 

To learn more about the Aston Martin x Curv AMR-C01 Racing Simulator, please click here.