Home espresso – refashioned.  

AnZa Coffee is reinventing your morning coffee routine. Partnering with Montaag, a design firm out of Norway and Berkeley, California, AnZa’s Concrete Espresso Machine showcases a dramatic, new look with an industrial finish. A perfect addition to your modern-style kitchen area, this sculpture-like appliance does more than just brew your morning cup of Joe.  

Out with the old and in with the concrete, the reimagined coffee machine replaced the standard, stainless steel shell with a new design of modern concrete materials. The minimal design hosts a wooden base paired with a vintage, ceramic knob and handle. The Corian®Solid Surface highlights the more modern elements of the porcelain, steel, and brass touchpoints. 

AnZa is about choosing different materialsmaterials that seem strange to some and heartwarming to others. – Andrew Smith, Designer and Founder 

AnZa decided to highlight the new product with this specific material for a never-been-done before, elevated look. The wrapped concrete doesn’t need as much care or attention as other espresso machines and adds an archaic, design component that no other kitchen would likely have. The hand-cast concrete shell is made out of extremely high quality materials, making the product last for years on end.  

The AnZa Concrete price point is $1,180.00 with a voltage of 120V made with a more streamlined, espresso making process. The machine pumps out espresso at a regulated 9 bars of pressure bringing a higher quality experience to your morning caffeine fix.  

(The AnZas Concrete Espresso Machine)  explores what an espresso machine could feel like through the use of completely honest materials. – Andrew Smith.  

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