Distilling high-quality spirits from her botanical garden right here in Los Angeles, Morgan McLachlan from AMASS creates clean botanics for modern life.  

AMASS is a maker-driven movement creating above and beyond, clean products from botanical spirits to body care products. Each organic product is meticulously formulated, tested, and considered to align with McLachlan’s creative vision paired with high quality standards. AMASS – a word that simply means “to gather”– celebrates the power to bring people of all walks of life together. 

Currently hosting a variety of luxury spirits, candles, and hand sanitizers, the company has long searched and found the perfect formulation of premium ingredients made straight from the earth. From “grower to glass”, AMASS has proven to be best in the business in creating carefully concocted non-GMO products from our bathroom counter to our bar counter.  

Chief Product Officer and Master Distiller, Morgan McLachlan, distills the spirits straight from botanicals growing in her Echo Park home. She was the first to distill gin and vodka from clementines, and has since grown her creations from plants like The California Bay Leaf, an herb originally from Northern California and now also lives in a bottle of AMASS Dry Gin. 

A booming California city – AMASS has taken the multicultural inspiration of LA with their premiere product, the Dry Gin. Taking in the vibrance of both the city and its inhabitants, McLachlan produced the botanical spirit with California Bay and Cascara Sagrada paired with the colorful flavors of hibiscus and cardamom. McLachlan knows that her business is not only quality-driven, but community-driven as well. Instead of the traditional LA ads and endorsements, they rely on building a community of ingenious makers who share the same values around sustainable products. 

Innovation, craft, and careful precision – AMASS has narrowed down their humble technique in creating botanical products straight from the heart and up from the garden.  

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