The garage find. That exciting moment when you think you’ve stumbled on to something special thats been hidden away. Stories like that are illusive and don’t happen every day. From the numbers matching original muscle car in a barn to a classic motorcycle collecting dust in a garage, these are the dream finds for petrol heads. This is what happened for Jakob and Dominikus, the two friends who own Germany’s Crooked Motorcycles. While walking though a friends garage they spotted a 1972 Honda CB450 leaned against a wall in the corner. They immediately knew what they had found and what they would do with it.

In order to create brand new body pieces for this restoration, they utilized and 450 already in their possession. The result is incredibly sleek and yet classic look in its color scheme, with the all black paint and hand stitched brown leather seat. The beautiful bronze lettering on the tank gives it that final elevated touch.

With Motogadget M.Unit controls, Motoscope Tiny speedometer and M.Blaze bar-end indicators, the bike has all the modern touches for it to exist in the modern world. The bike also saw some collaborative work: teaming up with Hattech Exhaust, the bike was fitted with a system that makes it sound as good as it looks.