By now you have probably heard of Bentley’s newest addition to it’s already incredible lineup. A luxurious, off road capable SUV, known as the Bentayga.  The heart of the SUV rests a 600HP W12 behemoth, capable of pushing the SUV to 60 MPH in 3.5 Seconds and a top speed of 187 MPH.  Between the power, the adaptive air suspension, and the always luxurious Bentley interior, the question should be where can’t you take it? Well that’s what this is about. 5 places to take your Bentayga.


What better place to take the family than for a beach day? With plenty of space for the kids and all the beach toys, this family hauler will get you to the sand in style.

Blue Bentayga-6


When looking professional is key, most people would think a big sedan is king. Let’s not forget though, this is a Bentley. Walking up to this with clients in tow is going to leave nothing but a good impression.

Black Bentayga-11


Some of the most dense jungles you’ll face are made of concrete.  Whether heading to a business appointment, or to get in a little retail therapy, the Bentayga gives you the confidence to tackle whatever comes your way.

Bentayga Rodeo-6


With it’s adaptive air suspension and multiple driving modes, you can feel safe knowing the adventure doesn’t have to end just because the road does.

OGara Bentayga-4


The possibilities of where this magnificent SUV can go are endless. Just picture what you want to see out the front window and take yourself there.

OGara Bentayga-2