24 Hours of Le Mans. One of the most storied and prestigious races on the planet. In 1995 McLaren entered the grueling race with seven McLaren F1 GTR’s. Even with the F1 being considered as one of the greatest cars ever built, a win at Le Mans was not a foregone conclusion. Starting the race no better than 9th the #59 team, led by Paul Lanzante, would have to battle through the night a rain to become victorious and shock the motorsport world.

At a time when so many legendary cars were racing each other, McLaren was head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. Of the seven cars that entered, four placed in the top 5. In the end it was the Lanzante Motorsport team that emerged victorious 25 years ago today. The documentary “McLaren at LeMans: Pursuit of Perfection” was released not long after, giving the world an inside look at the historic win. Thanks to the power of Youtube we are able to watch the incredible documentary today.