Formidable power meets breathtaking design in the fastest SUV Bentley has ever made. This is the new Bentayga Speed.


Two twin-scroll turbochargers ensure that the potent W12 engine is always responsive and ready to provide power whenever you need it, whatever the speed or environment. This responsiveness translates into impressive levels of acceleration, with the new Bentayga Speed capable of 0 to 60 mph in an exhilarating 3.8 seconds and onto an unrivaled top speed of 190 mph .

The thrilling performance of the W12 engine is enhanced further still by technologies that ensure peak performance can always be enjoyed, whatever you demand of the engine.

For the new Bentayga Speed, Sport driving mode has been reimagined to create an addictively dynamic driving experience at high speeds, optimizing power, transmission and suspension in perfect harmony. This provides a new dimension in contrast to the three other driving modes, Comfort, Bentley and Custom. Meanwhile, start-stop and variable displacement technology ensure maximum engine efficiency by deactivating part of the engine should it not be required in the moment, resulting in a more than practical range of 400 miles.

Photo: James Lipman


The new Bentayga Speed comes with the innovative Bentley Dynamic Ride system, which enables you to make the most of the W12 engine’s phenomenal performance by ensuring supreme levels of comfort, control and confidence. The advanced active roll control system combines with the exhilarating Speed power to create an exceptional ride without compromise.

Electric motors placed on the front and rear axles provide instant, variable resistance as and when required, resulting in minimised body roll when travelling at speed around sweeping curves and bends. Maximum comfort is also ensured when driving along open straights by effectively de-coupling the wheels on each side of the axle to minimise torsional resistance.

Photo: James Lipman


The captivating exterior design sports colored elements exclusive to the new Bentayga Speed, such as the boldly redesigned front and rear bumpers and side sill extensions. A prominent rear tailgate spoiler emphasizes the car’s status as the most powerful new Bentayga. Dark tint headlamps and tail lamps, accompanied by a dark tint matrix grille and lower bumper grilles, add to the new Bentayga Speed’s formidable presence. Finally, a large, elliptical tailpipe design mirrors the shape of the new rear lamps to hint at this luxury SUV’s incredible performance credentials.


The new Bentayga Speed comes equipped with a suite of the latest My Bentley Connected Car Services, specially designed to make each journey safe, smart and convenient. These can be accessed in-car and remotely via the My Bentley app – such as real-time traffic information, which provides you with the information you need to make the most of the journey ahead, and the remote car finder, which lets you find your car even in the largest of car parks.

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